Experience & Reliability

R-Tech Feeders combines experience, engineering and dependability to offer your business efficient precision feeders to handle your material.

R-Tech Feeders has many years business experience designing bowls that solved the pharmaceutical, packing and other industries. Rate requirements have varied from 1 per minute to 1000+ per minute with a failure rate of Zero.  Products tolerance requirements have been produced up to .001 of an inch.

R- Tech Feeders have also separated as many as 10 different parts with ten exit shoots in one feeder bowl. R-Tech Feeders attains this quality of engineered piece control by eliminating the need for sensors and air jets.

R-Tech Feeders has Mufacturing experience to produce over 30 custom feeder bowls for month. We also provide sound enclosures, elevators, storage hoppers, in lines, gravity
tracks, pick and place units and replacement bowls.

R-Tech Feeders is your problem solver.  Contact us and we will evaluate your needs.

Feeder bowls Rockford

Jeff Richards, CEO

R-Tech Feeders